Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts

Arthur Przybyszewski, a former 1960’s radical, owns a rundown donut shop in Chicago’s Uptown. His only employee, an energetic but troubled young African American assistant, Franco, wants to update the establishment with lively music and healthy menu options. The writing is on the wall that things are going to change – maybe even for the better. Superior Donuts explores the challenges of embracing the past, and the redemptive power of friendship.

Production Dates: June 7 – 23, 2024
Directed by: Jared Mola
Produced by: Debra Kent
Audition Dates: Monday and Tuesday, March 25 & 26, 2024, at 7:00 p.m.
For further information contact: Jared Mola at

Casting Requirements
● Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
● A résumé and headshot are not required but are encouraged.
● Please bring all scheduling conflicts between March 27 and June 23, 2024

Character Descriptions:
The ethnicities are noted in the script to indicate cultural divides within this Chicago neighborhood, but only MAX and KIRIL speak with an accent (Russian). ARTHUR PRZYBYSZEWSKI – Male, 50s-60s. Polish-American. An unambitious ex-hippie. He runs the dated donut shop of the title. Will be involved in fight choreography.*

FRANCO WICKS – Male, 20s. African American. An energetic and intelligent young man who comes to work for Arthur. He may have written the ‘great American novel’.
MAX TARASOV – Male, 50+. Russian immigrant and owner of the neighboring video store. Boisterous and lacking in social nuance. Speaks with a Russian accent.
OFFICER RANDY OSTEEN – Female, 40s-50s. Irish-American. A beat cop with a big heart. She’s sweet on Arthur.
OFFICER JAMES BAILEY – Male, 40s-50s. African-American. Randy’s partner. No-nonsense on the job, a Trekkie in his off-time.
LUTHER FLYNN – Male, 40s-50s. Irish/Italian-American. A thug and bookie to whom Franco owes money. He’s the boss. Will be involved in fight choreography.*
LADY BOYLE – Female, 70s. Irish-American. A homeless woman and regular ‘customer’ of the shop.
KEVIN MAGEE – Male, 20s. Irish-American. Luther’s henchman and enforcer. A mean and intimidating guy.
KIRIL IVAKIN – Male, 20s-30s. Russian. Max’s nephew who appears at the end of the play. A large man, he is described as looking like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. Speaks with a Russian accent.

*There will be a simple fight audition for the characters of Arthur and Luther. Previous stage combat experience is NOT REQUIRED. It is recommended to dress comfortably for movement.